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No longer confused umbriferous with the back umbriferous overview
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Umbriferous now system applies extensively at commerce to demonstrate, the respect such as multimedia assembly room, classroom, stadium house, cathedral, military affairs and commercial place, umbriferous and fictitious show what be used extensively at imitate maneuver and cinema to exceed big screen umbriferous system, way is thrown before their or is used, or uses a back to throw way, do not have the 3rd kind of umbriferous means it seems that besides. Agree back casts all technology that can saying is umbriferous technology to reflect before.

Cast before, say simply, with respect to the installation that is projector the position and audience are in of screen with side, the light that projector gives out projects screen, picture is formed on screen, next the light is reflexed again, become through reflex picture. Also be lead the gain that will measure act according to glancing. Dimension random size, cost is better also accept. The history that casts before is very long, since since having the film and slide before cast.

The back is cast, with respect to the installation that is projector the position and audience are located in the 2 side of screen respectively, the light that projector gives out from screen hind side projects screen, the light enters audience eye through screen. The back casts screen before dimension is inferior to, apply to an audience quite not much, multi-purpose at monitoring direct attempers wait for a place. The back casts the history shorter however, it is recently only 10 old the thing between, but, the back cast plan to bring a brand-new umbriferous idea to the world however. When installation uses a back to cast screen, what before the space that its ask is compared, cast is bigger, and the space that installs projector wants enough dark. Like classroom and multimedia assembly room such place may do not have installation back to cast the space that systematic place needs. But, a lot of larger demonstrate, be in very old assembly hall especially outdoors even, what can choose to suit is umbriferous cast screen with high grade back.

The technical classification of screen act and 3 kinds of backs fling the distinction of act

Screen is openly screen from umbriferous means cent act (reflection type) with rear and umbriferous screen (transmission type) 2 kinds big. The restriction that dropping screen not to get measure (but custom-built) , but drop badly what can suffer the influence of ambient light to create picture contrast, installation is debugged and use safeguard simple. The back casts screen appearance whole to feel stronger, picture colour is gorgeous, image is clear, at present the back casts screen to be divided again from the cent on the technology cast for optical back (glazed bar and technology of phenanthrene Nie Er) with scattering the back casts two kinds, go up character from material cent casts act and hard back to cast act for soft back, at present the biggest Chan Zhangguang learns a back to cast act to have
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