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Caress projector meticulously to use with safeguard basic knowledge
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1, dustproof problem is the first issue that projector defends

As a result of projector liquid crystal board is general by special fan with minutely a few litres air flow undertakes sending wind refrigeration to its, the likelihood when high speed air current passes filter dirt net notes smuggled into an examination hall is small grit, liquid crystal board becomes extremely easy generation is electrostatic when resembling and adsorptive tiny grit, this will produce undesirable effect to umbriferous picture.

There are groove or mouth to be used at commonly on the housing of projector ventilated, airy entrance sets an inhaler, it is versed in dirt and contaminant filter when making in projector. If clear not in time it, jam extremely easily projector intake and cause trouble.

Accordingly, seasonable ground, fixed ground undertakes for projector professional, effective remove dust, it is to defend the method with best projector.

2, take strict precautions against collide strongly, squash and shake

In projector use process, be being used correctly is the most important. Collide strongly, squash and shake the displacement that can cause umbriferous core part, affect the result when showing. Its scorch camera lens can make below concussion orbit damages, cause camera lens to get stuck dead, even camera lens burst cannot be used.

3, prevent hot, moistureproof it is the obligatory course that maintains projector
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