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Be worth to see problem of projector primary failure solve train of thought
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Do a business most be afraid of is to feel do not wear knack, this appear more heavy to dimension study at school want and clear, be less than a reason to be in than be being checked like bad finish of a machine, it is the business that how makes a person depressed.

Projector serves as a kind of accurate telescope, everyman is familiar with not quite commonly, and general maintenance technician also can have the place that does not know. It is professional personage is aimed at all sorts of common breakdown that happen likely below, offer settlement means from train of thought, everybody can consult!

Temperature calls the police systematic breakdown

1, fan breakdown and the trouble that circuit of fan power supply causes

2, the trouble that place of all sorts of thermal resistor breakdown cause projector

3, advocate board temperature controls systematic breakdown

4, after bulb ageing, the quantity of the infrared ray of generation and ultraviolet ray is exorbitant breakdown

5, the breakdown account that bulb supplies electric equipment

Bulb calls the police systematic breakdown

1, the cause that bulb itself breakdown causes

2, the cause that bulb causes for the breakdown of electric equipment

3, advocate board give out light a lamp the breakdown reason of signal
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