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Newest LCOS umbriferous technology is completely analytic
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Traditional 3 old umbriferous techniques as time elapse, be in current the requirement that people cannot have satisfied in the world that this technology develops ceaselessly, then new umbriferous technology certainly will wants to be rolled out, break so 3 old umbriferous techniques rise jointly the camp that make. This new umbriferous technology is called -- LCOS umbriferous technology. Next the author will introduce this next LCOS in detail for everybody the principle of umbriferous technology, application and foreground.

Introduce the projector of LCOS technology

Is He Wei LCOS umbriferous technology?

One, LCOS umbriferous technology

Projector technology is basic develop principle similar, basically be wait for glow by haloid lamp, xenon lamp, collect light comes face plate, the video classics face plate is reflexed or transmission projects piece video, repass prismatic, system adding up to light, video and will projectile finally show to screen picture. LCOS(Liquid Crystal On Silicon) is a kind of brand-new number is become resemble a technology, it uses chip of semiconductor CMOS integrated circuit to regard reflection as type LCD base piece, silicon of the Tu Youbao on CMOS chip's thin a liquid crystal, at the back of control circuit park display unit, can raise light transmittance, implement bigger smooth output and higher resolution thereby.
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