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Cheap laser of wide colour gamut makes cost of liquid crystal TV falls 30%
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On March 19, 2007, the United States was held " FPD International2007 "first time seminar, this the theme of the seminar is " the light source that draws qualitative low cost high in the get victory in TV of 50 inches of class, implementation / be in a poor light the lamp latest technology " , on the seminar, the Novalux company that comes from the United States revealed the sample of liquid crystal TV that regards a back as illuminant with laser.

The laser technology of Novalux is used in the back to cast TV all the time, but the decline that sends TV market as the back turns and devote into at liquid crystal TV. Laser regards liquid crystal as the illuminant of report that inspect a back or a new technology, what trying currently is with brim light (Edge Light) means offers illumination to liquid crystal face plate, the machine that shows this used source of a laser to undertake guiding only smooth, because this gave the appearance with extremely inhomogenous brightness, depart illuminant possibly henceforth from liquid crystal face plate, use many fiber-optic guide laser equably, be expected finally to realize ply to be less than25mmliquid crystal TV.

Laser serves as the advantage that carries illuminant on the back to have: The colour gamut that laser can achieve is wider, colour expression limits exceeds NTSC norms 20% ; The fittings amount that requires than place with CCFL photograph decreases, be helpful for reducing cost; Pass with drive of high speed sequential red (R) , green (G) , blue (B) , can filter of leave out color, and laser itself is polarizing illuminant, because this is returned but leave out part is polarizing board, reduce cost further; Laser is led to smooth energy transition by report achieve 8 % , the hopeful when the quantity is produced achieves 10 % , below identical brightness, power consumption is the half of plasma only, with LED photograph comparing also has an advantage; The LED illuminant addition as use time, wavelengh can produce change, can appear slant lubricious circumstance, and laser is nonexistent this kind of phenomenon.

Those who go up say so much advantage is a technology above, average consumer is very fathomless, of course what we can watch continuously is " with use before this be in a poor light the photograph of liquid crystal face plate of the lamp is compared, can cut the cost of 30% " (Gregory Niven of executive vice president of department of Novalux company market) .
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