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How to assure quality of the frequency in long-range education system
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One, the composition of the importance of frequency quality and long-range classroom

Common media raised us to be opposite like disc, film, music " good acoustic quality " requirement standard. But, the frequency quality on long-range education classroom is not so hopeful however, inferior quality frequency makes a student very offensive know a teacher to demonstrate the content of material, going up somehow, reduced a student to share the enthusiasm that comes in classroom. Discuss what the classroom frequency quality of inferior quality restrained the student that selecting attend a lecture differently greatly interactively, because of technical obstacle block up the quality of the student that listens to content, and as the student, often not be willing to overcome obstacle of this kind of technology, and continue to be made hard.

Student and teacher can be given out normally a few complain, for example: The hair end the bucket comes out the sound of the person that make a speech resembles simply; When people is speaking, the content that often is a begin desertioned; If not was to get feedback information or big call, it is clear that we cannot listen quite at all; When we speak, heard oneself echo. For the person that specific to sufferring professional frequency trains, these technologies and operation problem arise very easily. The user that understands a few basic frequency ideas to be able to help design business, installation business and system of long-range education frequency is in the classroom, obtain more the frequency of high quality.

A complete long-range education classroom comprises by 4 bodies normally: System of system of a classroom, frequency, a video and connector of a transmission network. The article basically will be aimed at all sorts of equipment in the classroom and frequency system -- decision sound quality and transmit a classroom each positions each audience's medium frequency content intelligibility (the understanding that tells about content to place) and control all sorts of equipment place to need each.

The agency that transmits as a result of sound -- fiber-optic, satellite and microwave having bigger effect to sound quality, and had had in the light of these intermediary omnibus discussion, accordingly, in the article, we won't discuss to discuss these intermediary advantages and inferior position again. We will be aimed at the frequency device that is used at quality of frequency of compensatory and certain transmission agency to undertake discussion.

2, classroom
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