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Is big screen had which kinds of projector should introduce in cracking joining
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Current, can realize big screen umbriferous the projector of indication screen basically has use CRT, LCD, DLP3 to plant the product of umbriferous technology, but what the attention needs in application is: The brightness of projector, resolution, uniformity. The product of these 3 kinds of technologies which kind of more appropriate is big screen had crack joining together system? Below we do a brief analysis with respect to the actor defect of these 3 kinds of technologies, sum up this choice thereby which kinds of technology.
   CRT technology projector
CRT technology is to appear the earliest, also be a the most mature kind of umbriferous technology. But it has a deadly defect ― brightness too low, and its operation is complex, airframe volume is huge, suit to install the place with relatively weaker, fixed ambient light only, unfavorable move those who wait for numerous condition to restrict. The application because of this CRT projector drop off. At present the most popular umbriferous technology is LCD and DLP.
   LCD technology projector
LCD projector, LCD is the English abbreviate of Liquid Cristal Display. Its into resembling parts of an apparatus is liquid crystal board, also be the umbriferous means of a kind of passive type. Metal of the illuminant outside using is haloid the lamp or UHP (cold light source) , if 3 LCD board are designed cross Jiang Guangtong spectroscope forms RGB3 Shu Guang, respectively transmission crosses RGB trichromatic liquid crystal board; Signal source passes modulus changeover, modulation adds liquid crystal board, the open that controls liquid crystal unit, close, control smooth route thereby connect, add up to light via the mirror again, by enlarge of optical camera lens, show go up in big screen. At present highest resolution can accomplish the projector of this kind of type 1600x1200, brightness is in above of lumen of 10 thousand ANSI.
But LCD projector because the reason of the physical character of itself of liquid crystal board, colour is very not even, answer speed slow, as the elapse of time, function drops somewhat.
   DLP technology projector
The DLP in DLP projector is a kind of burgeoning umbriferous technology, this kind of technology is the abbreviate of English Digital Light Processing, light of word of Chinese meaning amount to handles a technology, the reflection type that this technology is a kind of total number that rolls out by development of company of apparatus of American heart state is umbriferous technology, it can be called to be umbriferous with one of indication information field new thinking. The projector that generates by this kind of technology uses DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) digital small lens is become as optics like parts of an apparatus, come the video signal in modulation projector, drive DMD optical system, will finish a figure through umbriferous lens umbriferous those who show.
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