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All sorts of backs cast analysis of principle of reflection system technology
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KT-SGThe back joins reflection system

Umbriferous reflex system is big screen carries the very main component in joining indication system on the back. The project is joined in the back in installation, classics regular meeting encounters the problem with umbriferous space finite site. Solve this problem, can use a back to cast screen special illuminator system, use illuminator namely show beam of light to fold be returned or two, the distance is shown in what the provision obtains inside the space that shows projectile distance inadequacy, in order to assure picture dimension. Should use reflectivity to be more than 90% , lens face flatness ±0.02mmThe illuminator of less than, the loss that just can assure brightness of will umbriferous illuminant, image is out of shape decrease in lowermost limits. Umbriferous reflex system shortens effectively umbriferous distance, avoid to produce sun effect (brightness not all the center is bright all around opposite darker) wait for undesirable phenomenon.

Systematic composition reflexes a system to increase support of a pair of illuminator by illuminator of plated film of vacuum of one side front, bracket of a pair of projector is comprised.

The back casts illuminator introduction and technical parameter common illuminator uses rear plated film, then umbriferous light is shot to illuminator when, film wants to reflex, vitreous surface also should be reflexed (following graphs1a) , form double film. The viewfinder of openly plated film of high quality. It and common glasses are different: Have without smooth caustic of double image, interface small, fight oxidation, fight corrode, medium film is protected (1b) seeing a picture and in division of visible light music (380~700nm) has tall reflectivity (the advantage of 1b) seeing a picture. Reflectivity of lens of openly plated film is achieved 90-95% and even taller, make full use of light energy, visual effect is better. Basically apply at carrying movie theater of measuring projector of umbriferous TV, file, laser printer, electrograph, family, camera, analyzer on the back implement wait for equipment.

Reflex bracket projector bracket

Umbriferous reflex bracket chooses an entrance fine steel material solders to machine and be become, the surface uses electrostatic spray technology: Have fight novel, bracket contains corrupt, antirust, design to adjust an orgnaization accurately (versatile adjuster) , install and debug simple and easy, operation convenient, appearance is beautiful and easy wait for a characteristic.
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