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One kind is based on the technology of image joining together of PL-LCD architec
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LCD continues to own very large share in indication market, it is at present zero dioptre sends glow one LCD (one LCD of PL) concept above all by board the main trend that monitor studies, because this current picture is not had,seam photon of university of Cambridge of joining together technology and sensor research group to put forward.

This kind of new-style development basically is aimed at LCD. To LCD, technique of image joining together is main LCD (LCD) regard modulation as smooth and rather than with tape ultraviolet light wide include to show board physical join law and optical enlarge law two kinds. Take Bai Guang to serve as bias light compensation, on fluorescent screen ultraviolet ray can arouse smooth RainbowDisPlaylnc. With flat of flying benefit riverside indication company joint development sends glow material, generation is trichromatic visual mass-tone is smooth: Red, green, blue, like that the joining together plan of active matrix LCD. Diagonal is 37. 5 flower hind form visible light output. One LCD structure avoided PL traditional LCD inch without seam one joining together of Lx3 and diagonal for38.6 inchesthe perspective that 2x2 spells existence suffers those who be restricted to be caused with colour filter is inefficient the gate of a lane wait for a lot of asking to receive SVGA color video presentation implement reveal castrate of spay successfully already. This plan backbone is inscribed.

Additional, one LCD of PL aims the requirement of straight bias light compensation, also make join unit turn buy, the matrix circuit that find site is arranged afresh from bilateral control a lot of small screen composition are not had seam big screen monitor to become a possibility. Distributing to unilateral. Such, make choice of the brim of the row includes what list and go to connect a lot of indoor the application outside needs large size flat to show even more. Receive shut. Join need machines craft particularly however. Additional the amount of joining together however, make large size orthoptic flat monitor, having a technology to encounter is limitary, for example the structure of one cannot use 3x3 this kind of method. Obstacle.

Image joining together is not Chan Bing show, changed a kind to solve photon of university of old rule Cambridge and development of sensor research group to give a kind of optics however inch the train of thought of monitor. Spell a few alone indication screen in the method without aperture ground, the enlarge effect that it uses lens makes increase individual show board, and part try drive, so that show compositive can inspect image. When multiple need not limit total number strictly, undertook experimental act to conduce to not only accordingly avoid only station large size to show screen becomes exponential ground to increase show. Mix in fluorescent screen Ke Ke inserts between liquid crystal board light of 3 lens group accepts draft date: 2 draft one with one 22 learn to resemble parts of an apparatus, a picture of enlarge produces on screen, avoided liquid crystal a few acting large show the gap between brilliant piece, but optics of existence of this kind of method is become like lack fidelity problem. Very important is this kind of method is based on small liquid crystal piece joining together, is not whole big liquid crystal board, commercial application may be not so actual. Additional, because be between liquid crystal piece and fluorescent screen,inevitable distance has be contrary to the concept of monitor of Yu Ping board. Additionally Cantabrigian university returns those who developed another kind to say to cover the optical method of the law for the shadow. This method is used ultraviolet glow diode makes bias light compensation, form the shadow picture of enlarge, but the space on brightness is inhomogenous distributinging is however bad to solve problem.
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