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By project standard the action in project of DLP big screen reachs his to want a
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Of stability of the technology as system of DLP big screen, product rise ceaselessly and of systematic whole cost reduce ceaselessly, more and more users, especially the first selection equipment that industry user regards indication system as system of DLP big screen. Mirror to project face, we discover DLP project amount compares in former years to increase apparently this year a lot of. And, as the ceaseless development that the user understands DLP technology, can raise taller requirement to the function of the product and project character.

DLP project belongs to a system compositive project, have project time compact, involve the characteristic with more peripheral, more a lot of safeguard the job to need to be in special rule undertakes inside working hours. A whole big screen project, besides including itself of big screen system, involve the computer even (system of soft, hardware) , the knowledge such as monitoring of network, image, integrated wiring; Additional, sensitivity, careful to the colour of engineering personnel work manner and responsibility heart have very high demand; Still need those who want engineering personnel to understand whole project to run a course besides, communicate in time with relevant section, corresponding job content is finished actively in the different level of a project, reach the goal that checks and accept complete smoothly thereby. Project controller not only should have excellent project technology, still must want to have stronger project manages and run ability.

Project of general DLP project can divide for: Perambulate of project plan, early days, project is carried out, project later period 4 phase. Insufficient or the working preparation of any phase is not quite meticulous, bring about project cost likely to lift can affect even check and accept; Because early days job was not finished according to the requirement,also meet sometimes, after giving safeguard bring a lot of inconvenience. Accordingly, project standard appears important all the more. It can make we reduce random sex in the project, increase working effectiveness and purpose sex, achieve thereby enhance systematic stability, improve project quality.

In project of system of DLP big screen, early days perambulate and project are carried out is two important level, the stand or fall that its work will affect project plan and acceptance of work directly. The project standard that these two level show respectively below wants a place.

One, DLPPerambulate of project early days wants a place

DLP project to project controller, besides take a team to undertake on-the-spot construction besides, the integral construction program of the communication with the client, project is very important. Among them early days perambulate is detailed was to decide project cycle, charge, final result greatly more. Basis before in light of engineering experience, a whole project, in early days perambulate need notices to nod each below:
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