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"Screen " board TV: A few when be necessary to allude not certain
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Liquid crystal face plate is the screen of liquid crystal TV, a variety of elements such as bad of its crop, actor and market environment are concerning the quality of LCD oneself, price and market trend, because TV of a liquid crystal makes an appointment with 70 % ,right-and-left cost is centered on face plate, the consumer when buying liquid crystal TV so can stress the quality that pays close attention to liquid crystal face plate, in the meantime, the businessman also is willing to be in more this respect old write an essay. What make a person regretful like that is, not all businessman can be treated sincerely " sacred " , individual businessman is the asymmetry that uses information to go up more, make hiss head painstakingly, puzzle consumer. Borrow the wind of 3.15, the author thinks at present flat market has 4 at least " not certain " need consumer attention!

It is good that liquid crystal TV does not compare plasma certainly

In light of the point of view that forms from flat TV, the face plate that distinguish even if uses liquid crystal TV and plasma TV are at all is different, go up in auxiliary circuit and interface and do not have what difference. Can walk into when us when selling an understanding the product, almost personnel of all disappear carry out can suggest we consider liquid crystal TV, the reason is material benefit of price of liquid crystal TV, product durable, and function also perfectly, suit Chinese common people to choose most. Fact if it is so? It is not certain that the author thinks.

Above all, because plasma TV is active glow indication parts of an apparatus, and liquid crystal TV is passive glow parts of an apparatus, on function accordingly plasma TV has a lot of advantages, can say to answer in brightness, colour, noise time and can inspect the respect such as angle to win out in the round liquid crystal TV. Will integratedly look, the can obtain exclusively so that move weapon that resolution is TV of plasma of attack of liquid crystal TV, the controversy in this both sides on the dot around completely high-definition and spread out. Still need because of the person other to completely high-definition choice nevertheless, be in the China that high-definition ability is prospective application mainstream, unlike who the plasma TV that did not achieve completely high-definition norms is short perhaps how many; Next, have in the market look on rate, although be on home market limelight of liquid crystal TV flourishing, but from the point of global limits, in big screen TV, plasma is in clear advantage position. The analysis of Displaybank of authoritative investigation orgnaization points out, dimensions of plasma television market will reach 21 billion dollar this year (11 million) , grow 39% compared to the same period, backbone force still is on market of global flat television; To 2010, the whole world
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