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The back casts cold backup of module double lamp and hot backup to compare
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1 pair of lamps are a kind of trend

Come this year, DLP big screen is umbriferous smooth machine begins to appear the design of double lamp, the reason is a lot of big screen it is 24 hours use, via rising any momently attaint is waited for long, advanced country is like the Europe, Japan, market that has odd light hardly, manufacturer has his each to the design of double lamp only essence of life, the difference that because the double lamp on this market designs the cold backup that calls somewhat and heat,backs up, the actor bad that the article designs to differring two kinds here does an objective analysis, the good person that let use can have the rightest choice when the choose and buy.

The benefit that 2 pairs of lamps devise

In plane of DLP umbriferous light, bulb is to belong to expend talent, normally life is in 4000 to 10000 hours between, because of the product of science and technology that bulb is very high technology, if use,be in 24 hours round-the-clock used occasion, bulb may have life to decrease short or it is to explode the case of the lamp, so if double lamp is used by turns or can having is to be in explode reserve when the lamp replace, work afresh immediately, have very big gain.

3 pairs of lamps devise common method

Cold backup designs: Cold backup uses the orgnaization changing the light of mechanical normally, somebody uses linear movable type, somebody uses move coming back to use formula, somebody use illuminator rotates type, cold backup can have a lamp to illume only for a short while together, cannot double lamp shines together. Heat up backup design: Hot backup can illume at the same time double lamp, move without the orgnaization, the two side with double lamp opposite park, use lens of prismatic water chestnut to reflex synthetic lamplight, can order simple tube only, can double lamp shines together or also use by turns, same time is OK a lamp or two lamps illume.

Cold backup of 4 pairs of lamps and the comparison that heat up backup
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