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Without the development that seams joining together technology and principle ove
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At present big screen shows the technology develops advance rapidly, big screen joining together applies also the month will jump over extensive, sell projector profit as sheet lower and lower, a lot of agency begin a project in the consideration compositive change way, considering a lot of new projects Shang Gang ends project of big screen joining together, umbriferous period net also will introduce a few big screen to depend on the knowledge of the respect in succession, the article basically explains without seam joining together technology.

Above all we should understand, big screen joining together is a general concept, at present big screen joining together basically has two kinds, the technology of indication wall hard joining together that one kind is a tradition, another kind is use brim confluence technology without seam joining together technology. Technology of indication wall hard joining together basically uses many backs to throw way of joining together wall, if CRT back casts back of indication wall, LCD to cast back of indication wall, DLP to cast joining together wall and plasma,show a wall to wait, technology of this kind of joining together is current joining together gap is the least can accomplish0.5mm, because gap is very little, so everybody also cries " without seam " joining together, but actual have crack, what do not have aperture truly is to use image not to have those who seam confluence to show seam joining together technology.

As indication technology and the ceaseless confluence that control a technology and development, in engineering field of high end, the big screen image that pass joining together and becomes shows received wide application, what it brings exceed big picture, much screen to show and clear, distinct indication effect makes monitoring, how to prevent, the conference, imitate emulates the work efficiency that waits for a domain to get be amelioratived considerably, promoted the rapid progress of these industry technology levels at the same time.

In last few years, as the development of soft hardware technology, without the phase with seamed joining together technology to enter very mature, apply extensively already at direct control, fictitious emulate groom, industrial production design, scientific research and complex and decision-making process, the application that showing the field such as recreation of exhibition, vision, advertisement is more and more general also.

Without seaming joining together technology is a kind special, the umbriferous indication application with higher demand, can realize confluence of much screen image to be together, shrink joining together aperture to the smallest so that the joining together technology of complete coincide. Without seam joining together technology to need to exceed thoroughly not only considerably screen, what place of picture of large to projectile favorable balance of trade size uses is umbriferous also have special demand.
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