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How does electrostatic generation prevent effectively in systematic project?
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Above all, from the point of the mechanism of electrostatic generation, should spend a hand from the insulation that reduces concerned object, make although two objects chafe also do not arise and little generation is electrostatic, right second have a few more the following main measure:

1. Maintain an environment to have certain humidity. Carry out a proof, northern region or in dry winter, because the example of electrostatic generation breakdown wants the foreland austral far big Yu Zaidong or other season, be in so a few main rooms, the workshop holding key that is like instrument of computer computer room, lab, electron should consider to hold the issue of certain humidity, close to those especially the air conditioning room of form, the equipment of humidity of duer and proper control.

2. Laid is antistatic floor or carpet. At present already this kind has the plastic floor of certain and electric function or carpet product, as a result of,can restrain very effectively of the person walk generation is electrostatic.

3. The establishment such as gun of use ion wind, ionic head, ionic club, make prevent electrostatic generation inside certain limits.

4. Semiconductor device Ying Chengfang is in antistatic plastic Cheng Fang implement or antistatic in polybag, this kind antistatic Cheng Fang implement have good and electric property, can prevent electrostatic generation effectively. Of course, conditional Yingcheng is put in metallic Cheng Fang implement inside or pack with tinsel.

5. Antistatic to operating personnel to should be taken on the artifice hand belt, this kind of hand takes due and good ground connection performance, this kind of step is most significant.

Antistatic little common sense

Electrostatic it is a kind of objective natural phenomenon, the means of generation is very much, if contact, grind, slipstream is waited a moment. The basic course that its produce but reduce: → of osculatory → charge transfers layer of → idol report to form → charge depart.

On equipment or human body electrostatic and highest can amount to down to of several bend over tens of 10 thousand bend over, often also amount to below normal operation condition hundreds to thousands of bend over. Human body reachs the contact with other object as a result of the movement of oneself - detached, grind or the element such as the induction, can take on thousands of bend over to go up even of 10 thousand bend over electrostatic. Electrostatic be, negative electric charge is inside local limits the result of overbalance. It is a kind of electric energy, leave existence object to behave, have the characteristic with high potential, low n, small electric current and effect short time.
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