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Flat TV new technology is contacted completely
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Expert analysis, this year will be flat TV a year when new technology lets a hundred flowers blossom. Zhao Xiong is in for the graph in the past 2006, flat TV enters the life of consumer with your person's fab speed, all sorts of new technologies appear rate is rapidder than in former years, innovation rate is older than in former years. The flat market 2007, the technology of more innovation will be farther the life of thorough consumer, bring much better recreation experience for them, to consumer: Want to be less than only, without impracticable. Everybody introduction is below, it is industry of TV of New Year flat in, be sure to make the technology of two kinds of innovation of star.

Innovation technology " or so time "

2006 during the world cup, one kind has the flat TV be the rage of innovation technology, the XCANVAS of flat TV brand that this is LG, achieve dimension " screen changes " can record TV to wait, innovation technology caused the huge inside course of study shake regret, was thought to change people to see the way of TV thoroughly, it may be said is in recent years the technology with flat TV the most essential industry changes one of. In the sale busy season before the Spring Festival, have " or so time " flat TV sells in Changsha home appliance shine brilliantly, yuan Chao of total sales volume crosses previous place to anticipate. According to introducing, "Or so time " the place of functional innovation depends on, the user is to follow no longer the rhythm of the TV station goes teleview, can answer the program of spot direct seeding at any time according to his apiration however put, pause at any time and continue at any time. When time of end of your teleview section, if encounter,have temporarily the thing should be interrupted watch, want to press the time-out on the remote controller bolts only, the program of spot direct seeding can pause; Wait for you to handle an issue, can begin to watch from the place that a moment ago interrupted again. And if a moment ago content did not see well, perhaps want to call up friend family to look again, still can press time put key to return, broadcast that share program again afresh.

The firm hold technology that be well worth doing

The part with flat the most important TV is in screen (also namely face plate) . The cost of screen should be occupied generally speaking overall 7 into above, the technology of screen also is the most crucial technology that affects picture quality generally speaking. At present the liquid crystal TV on the market, main source can divide its face plate to be mixed for feeble hold firm hold two kinds, among them, LG, the S of flying benefit riverside - IPS technology with its broad can inspect angle, fast noise to answer time, and color rendition is accurate wait for an advantage and get praise fully. Another of it and screen of traditional liquid crystal main distinction is S - IPS face plate removed the interference that comes from outside pressure completely, protected the itself of screen effectively. Of figure of industry public figure it is what its say " firm hold " , and except the other face plate beyond this corresponding with " feeble hold " proportional. According to expert introduction, s - the technical principle of IPS face plate is: Pass those who change liquid crystal element to range way, let observer can see the short spindle of liquid crystal element only in any moment, because this is in,each pictures that just watch up won't have too big difference. And enter herringbone electrode and Shuang Chou mode through guiding, the ash that improved specific angle rank changeover phenomenon widens further perspective. Firm hold technology establishs place of manufacturer of department waiting for day to master for day at first, LG undertook his later considerably improved, formed present S then - IPS technology. Current, LG, Toshiba, day establishs the liquid crystal TV that waits for a manufacturer to use hard screen mostly. The message says, taiwan strange beauty, China mirrors the face plate manufacturer such as the canal to add this one a group of people of same interest possibly also, popularize firm hold technology energetically, because this is hard,screen technology also may be 2007 flat market " fire " one of technologies. As flat TV the ceaseless emerge in large numbers of technology of of all kinds innovation, the expert is forecasted, 2007 will be innovation technology a year when let a hundred flowers blossom. Besides a few functions of afore-mentioned introductions, the manufacturer in believing to be in intense competition also can roll out updated technique, let flat TV product can better serve for consumer, bring recreational of seeing and hearing brand-new enjoy.
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