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Actor of perfect visual sense is sent " force of true colour advantage " solutio
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As nearly two years of home market start, industry of liquid crystal TV erupts breathtaking energy. Made very big change on outward appearance of liquid crystal TV not only, and also gained revolutionary headway in technical respect; The new show that regards liquid crystal TV as the domain, actor clique, also gained huge success on technology of liquid crystal TV, actor or actress especially clique NextVision Ⅱ " force of true colour advantage " of the technology be born, entered area of liquid crystal TV period of high-definition clear picture.

Actor sends NextVision Ⅱ " force of true colour advantage " video processing engine, assembled 4 advanced video processing technologies, clearMotiv trends is video and clear technology, promoted the reaction of liquid crystal element time substantially, all-around correspondence broadcasts rate, make the screen is broadcasted when motion is video fluent the shadow that do not have incomplete, wonderful program get sth done without any letup, not messy; ClearPicture beautiful picture is video enhance a technology, electronic technology shrinks through precise scale put, wave of 3D number filter and 3: 2 pull processing, achieved more brilliance, clearer picture effect; UniformBrite is even and apparent show a skill, provided more bright light source, indication color is brighter, can allow screen center and edge, can present even brightness, colour won't be centered at central part only, picture show is more light beautiful grab an eye; 3: 2Pull Down theater is video and reductive technology, to the film changeover becomes each appearance of TV, undertake alone processing, compensate picture loss, better reductive film signal, detail of clear emersion picture, the effect of exquisite, stable perfect image sound like the cinema is enjoyed like letting you sit in the home.

Ⅱ of actor clique NextVision " force of true colour advantage " every detail of picture of drive of video processing engine shows completely, the Sang Ba of fragrant citrus of the root-tuber of aromatic turmeric of the fresh green of the meadow on field, Dutch, Brazil the sky of yellow, Italy is blue, no matter which are planted color will true show. Actor sends NextVision II " force of true colour advantage " video processing engine, return the accuracy that can raise colour to behave considerably, pass fast, beautiful colour, even the indication effect with clarity, show a TV of new generation liquid crystal pure like that perfect visual expression.

Ⅱ of actor clique NextVision " force of true colour advantage " of technology of video processing engine appear, to consumer, when buying liquid crystal, much the opportunity of a choice, wonderful picture effect, all without exception attracts your eyeball, at the same time we also believe to be in in the near future in, actor sends liquid crystal TV to still can gain greater success in technical respect, bring more surprises to consumer.
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