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Trends does not have Toshiba pulling an image " auroral twinkling shadow " techn
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Nowadays, TV of big screen flat more and more get the welcome of consumer, but adverse respect also with respect to emerge as the times require, what phenomenon pulling an image behaves is most outstanding, watch football game especially or the movement is big when, be like is like watching double image TV, make a person intolerable, firm of TV of a few flat to solve this one difficult problem, toshiba took the lead in rolling out " auroral twinkling shadow " technology, pulling shadow respect pilot very pretty good, also got industry at the same time approbate.

Of research and development of Toshiba proper motion " auroral twinkling shadow -- system of 100HZ dynamic image " , it is namely between the 50 frame image of primitive signal source, insert the new one frame that builds through computation, insert photograph of technology of completely black frame to compare with additionally one kind, besides can achieve cleared besides the incomplete shadow of image of on one frame, the contrail that still can let an object move is more successive, the feeling that watchs actually accordingly pulls end phenomenon to be reduced apparently, dynamic definition rises substantially.

What TV of general liquid crystal uses is " stable state drive " into resemble a principle, the motion of liquid crystal TV is so video definition is put in particular problem. The PAL100Hz trends of Toshiba is video system, will originally Chinese PAL makes refresh rate of type 50Hz screen rise one times achieve 100Hz, a pair of new image was inserted through accurate computation between two original image. It is OK will video the rate that pulls a shadow to fall to be felt hard to naked eye, improved the quality of dynamic picture. And the signal source research and development that this PAL100Hz technology is aimed at Chinese 50Hz and into, also can offer times frequency of 60Hz automatically to arrive below NTSC support at the same time the function of 120Hz.

Toshiba " auroral twinkling shadow " technical birth, the mark is worn flat TV industry strode one stride ahead again, from at present the development speed of flat TV can conclude, flat TV technology is in in the near future in time, still meet more perfect, send sophisticated science and technology the times flat TV truly.

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