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Assure 0 radiate 3 ocean " gorgeous colour demon is drawn " technical introducti
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To TV, clear picture, beautiful beautiful just consumer likes do not have radiant picture most, since flat since TV is arisen, manufacturer of each flat TV rolls out all sorts of face plate technologies in succession, in order to improve picture quality, be a delegate with 3 ocean especially " gorgeous colour demon is drawn " technical performance is most outstanding, "Gorgeous colour demon is drawn " technical birth, of the person that won heavy consumption love.

3 ocean are distinctive " gorgeous colour demon is drawn " technology, through red, green, blue, blueness, article, the match colors between Huang Liu color alternates the relation reachs human body color of skin dog detect, the lubricious harmonic degree of saturation of lubricious to 6 below different brightness axis and skin color undertakes iteration allocating, will strengthen accurate degree of saturation, improve picture colour, make image looks more natural effectively thereby; Assured 0 radiate it is importantly to still have namely, without twinkle and problem of low power comsumption, came true from 3 base color arrives 6 base lubricious color change, the colour that improved image greatly handles the effect, can reductive and true colour and character color of skin.

3 ocean are distinctive " gorgeous colour demon is drawn " the technology basically is applied in 3 ocean " WIZ " on product of TV of series liquid crystal, "WIZ " series product is consumed by the female group special favour, this series product still used 3 ocean particular " VIZON " engine, can undertake to all sorts of picture signal the number is handled, realize optimal picture to pledge reductive; Each technology characteristic complies with the demand of digital TV times, catered to the lifestyle of contemporary urbanite.

"Inside and outside holds actor concurrently " , it is the advantage with the biggest TV of 3 foreign flat, design vogue on the exterior not only, in the person above average that global flat TV also is on the technology; "Gorgeous colour demon is drawn " the technology is a best proof, in the meantime, already made the mainstream trend of color television course of study as flat TV, also meet on the technology ceaseless refresh, let our wait and see what happens.

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