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Reductive and video bright base Senseye shows colour skill analytic
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As the flying development of TV industry, from black and white to color, arrive from CRT LCD, in recent years a major technical breakthrough, changing people at full speed " eyeshot " , however what human double eye can see is rich and video, still exceed the level that common screen can present far however; Below this kind of pressure, bright base research and development gave "Senseye to show skill of " of colour science and technology, in TV indication respect obtained very big effect.

Bright base " Senseye shows colour science and technology " it is a kind of pure number that can improve video quality actively video aggrandizement technology, also be to make high resolution video appear get richer, clearer technology to assure. It includes 3 main component: Colour management engine, comparative aggrandizement engine, keen spend aggrandizement engine. Normally, monitor colour shows by red, green, blue (3 kinds of primary color comprise RGB) , 3 unbleached and mutual influences and cannot adjust independently, and actual application process is put in a variety of diverse demand however.

Bright base development goes " Senseye shows colour science and technology " technology, in input of original question mark end general RGB changes the YUV dispatch name that resembles a principle to be close to human vision to become more, at the same time brightness (Y) comes out from the depart in YUV, achieve the goal of independence adjustment colour, contrast and brightness thereby. Use the "YUV glorious with same principle of as video as person eye cell to solve compose engine " , pass through colour, meticulous degree, trends and contrast face 4 times optimize processing, exquisite the colour that presents magnificent changes; Senseye chip still passes dynamic instant high pressure (Adaptive Over - Drive) means comes drive of element of aggrandizement liquid crystal, answer time to be shortened 8 millisecond. Utmost ground reduced the phenomenon pulling end of athletic picture. Show Full HD tall analytic shock.

Bright base " Senseye shows colour science and technology " technical birth, promoted further in respect of liquid crystal TV not only bright base product value, also satisfy the applied requirement of consumer diversity better at the same time, in light of the angle that develops from liquid crystal technology, presenting person look strode ahead again on the road of real potential one pace, from at present bright base the development speed of technology of liquid crystal TV, be in in the near future inside, still will gain greater success.

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