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A mind which perceives both past and future identifying the simple method of XGA
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To average user even for professional user, face at a projector, affirm the resolution of projector only according to umbriferous picture, also not be an easy thing. We introduce a simple measure to everybody below, can use identifying projector is SVGA(800 X 600) , still be XGA(1024 X 768) .
One, the computer that affirms you shows card supports 1024 X 768. Install show pattern for XGA.

2, file of Pattern_XGA-SVGA.gif of the choice in showing setting serves as setting, choose in indication picture " tile " . File Pattern_XGA-SVGA.gif is OK oneself are designed, two this design is 1x2 resemble element dot, one is black, another is white.

3, receive projector, the setting design of projectile Windows. Adjust good focal length, watch projectile figure. If projectile graph is like design place to show:

Left is pure black and white and alternant line, criterion this projector resolution is XGA, if projectile graph is like right place,show. Line of every behavior gray, white without pure Hei Hechun line appears, criterion this projector resolution is SVGA. The truth is very simple, setting design is to press XGA design, namely the black and white line of perpendicular direction is 768. If use SVGA to show, can show only 600. This needs new operation. Understand for convenient everybody, we are for 3 with 4 changeover exemple:
Specific algorithm is: Dot 1 = nods A (0) 1/3 a little bit B (255) = 64
Nod 2 = 2/3 a little bit B(255) 2/3 bits of C (0) = 128
Dot 3 = nods D (255) 1/3 a little bit C (0) = 191
Pass the simple Xiaofang law of above introduction, can identify XGA and SVGA projector.

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