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TV of liquid crystal of sophisticated science and technology " resemble element
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The person that buys liquid crystal TV knows the reaction time of TV screen, because incomplete shadow is mixed,pulling end is the problem that liquid crystal TV eradicates hard all the time. But very few however somebody knows to react with screen time has another clever problem of different in approach but equally satisfactory in result too slow, the detail that is liquid crystal TV then loses an issue. TV of common liquid crystal shines in reality a picture of dark perhaps field when, be close to white and the color that are close to black to be able to be lost, the pure white that expression is big group on the picture and black -- and the change that does not have detail.

The ash of liquid crystal screen rank missing too as slow as reaction time all cause by the corner laziness of liquid crystal element. Liquid crystal element rotates below the control of voltage bring about pervious to light the fundamental that sexual change is indication image of liquid crystal face plate, laziness exists when liquid crystal element is close to level and verticality however, this is to cause liquid crystal face plate to answer the main reason with slow rate. At the same time liquid crystal element is close to level and verticality (shut completely with a standard-sized sheet) the Xuan corner laziness when also brings about image ash rank is close to authority black and completely white when missing: Dark ministry detail is missing show for a black, detail of tall smooth ministry is missing show for a white, also bring about simple look at the same time reductive and lack fidelity. Pull end to be able to have apparent effect through improving the reaction time of face plate to be mixed to incomplete shadow, and missing to detail can appear helpless.

Resemble element technology partly as SamSung, Suo Ni, Xia Pu appear, also solved the expressional ability of the contrast of liquid crystal TV, ash rank from now on; Perhaps the concept of half-and-half resembling element still knows everybody not quite, above all, we understand probably first, what makes resemble element partly? How does distinction resemble element partly? Careful observation, we discover not hard, the shell that resembles element partly submits scale form, when the signal tension that shows picture when Control Panel exceeds 50% , whole glow resembling element, when under 50% when, can control every " to resemble element " glow partly. The detail that borrowed this design to increase face plate of whole liquid crystal significantly behaves force, contrast, ash rank is reductive more true nature.

On show of flat TV appearance, screen resembling element is a crucial core part, matter to the mood of the person that watch directly, also be a when evaluate TV stand or fall the most important level at the same time, a few manufacturers to can be in this respect attracts customer, also cost many material resources, manpower and ability power at the same time, the occurrence that resembles element partly also confirm this, we believe, on the road of flat TV future, return meeting emerge in large numbers to give more and sophisticated technology, what behave flat TV is more outstanding, be worth to expect.
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